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Mutual Exchange

What is mutual exchange?

A mutual exchange is when two or more council or housing association tenants agree to exchange (swap) their properties. Tenants agreeing to exchange homes must move into each other’s homes, as exchanges into empty properties are not allowed. You can exchange with:

  • Another council tenant
  • A housing association tenant
  • A tenant of any other council

You may move to any area in the UK. You can apply for a property that is larger than your family needs but whether or not this is approved is at the discretion of the landlord.

  • You must have a clear rent account 
  • Your property must be in a decent condition
  • When you exchange, you are exchanging tenancies as well as properties so your existing tenancy will end and a new one will begin. This means your tenancy terms and conditions may change

How to find a mutual exchange 

There are many websites dedicated to finding a mutual exchange. Some sites are free to join,  others may charge a small registration fee. To improve your chances you should register with as many websites as possible. (Free to Sutton Housing Partnership tenants and tenants of most housing associations)

You can also find home swap groups on Facebook by searching terms such as 'home swap' or 'mutual exchange' along with the area you are interested in.

Once you have found a property you are interested in, contact the tenant to ask if they are interested in yours. If someone contacts you first, check out their advert. If you are both interested, arrange a time to view each other's properties.

Once you have found someone you would you like to swap with, you both need to contact your own landlords to request a mutual exchange application form. Once they receive your application, your landlord has 42 days to provide you with their decision.

Once an exchange has been agreed by all parties, you are your exchange partner will set a moving date and then move in to each other's properties.

Downsizing via Mutual Exchange

If you are a tenant of Sutton Housing Partnership or one of our partner housing associations, then you may qualify for a financial incentive and help with removal costs if you downsize by doing a mutual exchange. To qualify, you will need to register with our Under Occupation Scheme prior to doing a mutual exchange. Please contact the Under Occupation Officer on 0208 770 5000 for more information.


If you are a Sutton Housing Partnership tenant and wish to apply for an exchange you can do this online. Alternaively please call SHP on 0208 915 2000 or email