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Prioritising applications


  • Everyone who applies for housing is placed into one of 4 Bands depending on their current circumstances
  • Applicants placed into Band A are considered to have the most urgent need for housing

Lettings Plan

In addition to prioritising applicants we also decide which Bands & type of applicant can apply or get priority for each property that becomes available.  To do this each year we develop a Lettings Plan.

 The Lettings Plan takes into account the following:

  • The estimated number of properties available for letting in the coming year
  • The number of Applicants on the waiting list in each Band
  • The Council's priorities and targets for the year, including Homelessness, over-crowding, under-occupation and Social Services
  • This information is then used to decide the number of properties to be made available to each Band throughout the year

Additional Priority

Some properties will also attract additional priority for certain types of applicant such as:

  • Ground Floor Properties - Priority is given to applicants who have a medical recommendation
  • Sheltered Accommodation - Priority is given to applicants who have a medical recommendation
  • Large Properties - Priority is given to large households

Each advert will give details of any additional priority rules that are in place.