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How to Bid By Text


How to Compose Your Message


  • Your Housing Registration Number (Reg No), followed by a space
  • Your date of birth (DOB) or memorable date, followed by a space
  • The property number (Property No), or if you are bidding for two or more properties all numbers separated by a space



Your message should look something like this:

28975 23/06/1966 15001

Or, if you are bidding for two properties:

28975 23/06/1966 15001 15002

These are just examples; you must enter your own details. Please take care to enter your details correctly, we do not accept responsibility for text messages that are not received.


Sending Your Text

  • When your message is ready send it to 07786 205 104
  • You will receive a text message back confirming your bid, but cannot withdraw bids using our text service
  • Messages are charged at your standard rate*



*Please note we cannot guarantee that our texts will be included in any free text bundles supplied to you by your provider.


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